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Dynamic Document Search Engine – Part 2 Page 4

By M.Murali Dharan
on February 25, 2004

For every record in the results of the link table, the content id and number of occurrences is stored in an
associative array $contArray. During ‘while loop operation’, if the content
id already exists in $contArray, the occurrence is incremented with this new
occurrence value.
Now $contArray is set and it shows that some results are found in the database table.
Otherwise, the program skips to the next part that displays the result ??NO RESULTS FOUND??



//declare an array to store the results


//Sort array in desending order of the key value


//Store the results in the $FoundRef Array 

    //code for this is given in the next line.



In the next step we have to fetch title, the first 200 words in content table, into an array


foreach($contArray as $cont){


   if ($rank == $noofSearchWords ) {

$contentId $cont["id"];

$occurances $cont["oc"];

$aQuery "select contid,title,left(abstract,200) as summary from content where contid = " $contentId;

$aResult mysql_query($aQuery);

         if(mysql_num_rows($aResult) > 0){

$aRow mysql_fetch_array($aResult);

$FoundRef[] = array (

"contid" => $aRow["contid"],

"title" => $aRow["title"],

"summary" => $aRow["summary"],

"occurance"=>$occurances );

//end of  if

//end of for each