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Configuring Windows98 For Local Dev Page 4

By Heath Boutwell
on July 30, 2000

  • Familiarizing yourself with all of the httpd.conf file will help in configuring
    the server and will give a great overall understanding of how Apache works.
  • Configure PHP:
  1. Find the file php3-ini-dist in the “C:/php3” directory
  2. Rename it to php3.ini
  3. Load it in a text editor
  4. Search for “extension_dir” (around line 100) in php3.ini and change
    line to read:
    extension_dir = C:php3
  5. Change the line (around 115) that reads
    to read
  6. Change the line that reads (around 225)
    ;browscap = extra/browscap.ini
    browscap = C:windowsbrowscap.ini
  7. Place this file (php3.ini) in “C:windows”
  8. Note above the removal of the “;” line – this is the comment
    tag for PHP, and must be removed in the above lines.