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COM Functions in PHP4 Page 3

By Alain M. Samoun
on October 3, 2000

Using the PHP4 COM functions with MS Excel

As for the Word example above, study the code with the help from the Visual Basic Editor ObjectBrowser for Excel.


#Set the workbook to use and its sheet. In this example we use a spreadsheet that 

#comes with the Excel installation called: SOLVSAMP.XLS

$workbook "C:Program FilesMicrosoft officeOfficeSamplesSOLVSAMP.XLS";

$sheet "Quick Tour";

#Instantiate the spreadsheet component.

$ex = new COM("Excel.sheet") or Die ("Did not connect");

#Get the application name and version    

print "Application name:{$ex->Application->value}<BR>" 

"Loaded version: {$ex->Application->version}<BR>"

#Open the workbook that we want to use.

$wkb $ex->application->Workbooks->Open($workbook) or Die ("Did not open");

#Create a copy of the workbook, so the original workbook will be preserved.


#$ex->Application->Visible = 1; #Uncomment to make Excel visible.

# Read and write to a cell in the new sheet

# We want to read the cell E11 (Advertising in the 4th. Quarter)

    $sheets $wkb->Worksheets($sheet);    #Select the sheet

$sheets->activate;                 #Activate it 

$cell $sheets->Cells(11,5) ;    #Select the cell (Row Column number)

$cell->activate;                #Activate the cell 

print "Old Value = {$cell->value} <BR>";    #Print the value of the cell:10000

$cell->value 15000;            #Change it to 15000

print "New value = {$cell->value}<BR> ";#Print the new value=15000

#Eventually, recalculate the sheet with the new value.

    $sheets->Calculate;            #Necessary only if calc. option is manual

#And see the effect on total cost(Cell E13) 

$cell $sheets->Cells(13,5) ;    #Select the cell (Row Column number)

$number Number_format($cell->value);

"New Total cost =$$number - was $47,732 before.<BR>";

#Should print $57,809 because the advertising affects the Corporate overhead in the

# cell formula.

#Example of use of the built-in functions in Excel:

#Function: PMT(percent/12 months,Number of payments,Loan amount)

    $pay $ex->application->pmt(0.08/12,10,10000); 

$pay sprintf("%.2f",$pay);

"Monthly payment for $10,000 loan @8% interest /10 months: $ $pay<BR>"

#Should print monthly payment = $ -1,037.03    


#Optionally, save the modified workbook


#Close all workbooks without questioning


    unset (


This example should get you going with the Excel COM and PHP. Of course there are many more
objects to use. Writing an OOP wrapper for the principal
functions will make access to the excel objects even easier.