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Raw POST Data

By Dan Shepherd
on April 8, 2002

Version: 1

Type: Function

Category: HTTP

License: GNU General Public License

Description: Gets the raw post data from any post operation regardless of enctype.


/* 	RawPOST V1.0
	(c)2002 Danny Shepherd <[email protected]>
	Sends bugs and suggestions to [email protected]
	This text must not be removed
function rawPOST($postData,$arrayName="")
	foreach ($postData as $key=>$value)
		if (is_array($value))
			if (!empty($arrayName))
			if (empty($arrayName))
				$postString.="$key=$value ";
				$postString.=$arrayName."[$key]=$value ";	
	return $postString;	
if (!empty($_POST))
	echo rawPOST($_POST);