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PHP Navigation

By brandon
on March 29, 2003

Version: 1

Type: Sample Code (HOWTO)

Category: Other

License: GNU General Public License

Description: Learn howto make those ?id=page links.

You only have to edit 2 files to change layouts!

This is widely used on many sites over the net.

Check this out NOW!

Alright, first of all on your index.php file paste this include:
<? include("news/news.txt"); ?> 
^modify it to your news file.

Then on your index2.php file put this where you want the actual CONTENT to show:

echo("404 <b>$id.php</b> could not be found!");

If the file not not exist it will print out the 404 error. If it does exist it will include that .php page.

Note: You can change the .php to .htm or whatever on the navigation code ONLY.

Now, to link them.. The link would look like this: index2.php?id=contact
That would include the contact.php file.

Now that youve got that on your site you will only need to update 2 files to switch layouts! This doesnt work well with iframes.

I hope this helped :)