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Marketing Intelligence Master

By sheldon wright
on June 8, 2005

Version: 2.3


Category: Shopping Carts

License: Other

The Marketing Intelligence Master is free, easily installed and simple to use. It includes a shopping cart, product/customer management system, content management system, promotions/discount management system and many more features; which will help you sell and market products to your customers. The shopping cart allows you to accept credit cards, automatically computes sales tax, and processes real time shipping rates from UPS. Individuals and businesses can use the MIM to build professional looking websites, create newsletters, track customer purchases, connect with leading merchant gateways and access detailed reports on customers, sales and products. The MIM has produced great results for retailers and has created a pleasurable shopping experience for their customers.

Please go http://neumediatech.com/free_software_signup.php to download the full application.