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Headlines Grabber

By Neil Moomey
on August 1, 2000

Version: All

Type: Sample Code (HOWTO)

Category: HTTP

License: GNU General Public License

Description: This script allows you to add daily headlines, weather, or stock charts to your website. It retrieves source code from a file or URL. This script relies on a unique start and end string to mark the beginning and end of the html you wish to retrieve.

// Headlines Grabber by Neil Moomey, www.neilmoomey.com.
// You are free to use this code as you wish.
// Make sure you get permission from any web sites you grab code from.
// You may want to write the headlines to a file on your server to speed things up.
// Grab source code from a file or web site
echo "The news interface is down for maintenance.";
// Read each line and add to $myLine
// Extract everything between start and end.  You need to include these lines
in the headlines or pick some unique  substring in the html to mark the start 
and end of the news.
$start="<!---START OF HEADLINES--->";
$end="<!---END OF HEADLINES--->";
$start_position=strpos($myLine, $start);
$end_position=strpos($myLine, $end)+strlen($end);
$myLine=substr($myLine, $start_position, $length);
// Display HTML
echo $myLine;