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Dynamic List Boxes

By Asmadi Ahmad
on October 1, 2001

Version: 1.0

Type: Sample Code (HOWTO)

Category: HTML

License: GNU General Public License

Description: Two listboxes filled up with data from two related tables. As the user selects the first listbox, the second listbox changes accordingly..
This code uses mySQL and PHP as well as Javascript. The example tables will be automatically created for you but you have supply the correct database parameters..
This is my first submission to phpBuilder..

<title>Dynamic List Boxes in PHP</title>


//  NAME:
//  DynLB.php
//  Version 1.0 - 2 Oct 2001
//  initial release
//  Asmadi Ahmad ([email protected])
//  www.effitech.com
//  This script demonstrates the use of data from two related tables
//  to create two dynamic listboxes via Javascript
//  and shows example on how to retrieve the selected
//  items from listboxes.

//change the following database properties to suit your database

$db_Database = "mydbase";
$db_UserName = "me";
$db_Password = "password";
$db_Hostname = "localhost";

//connect to the database

mysql_connect($db_Hostname, $db_UserName, $db_Password) || UhOh("Can't Connect to Database: ".mysql_error());

$test="SELECT * FROM tblCountry";
if (mysql_query($test)) 

//if the tables already exist do nothing



//if the tables isn't there yet, create them and fill up the info

$query[]=" CREATE TABLE tblCountry (id int(10) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL auto_increment, CountryName varchar(25), PRIMARY KEY(id), KEY id (id))";
$query[]=" CREATE TABLE tblCity (id int(10) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL auto_increment, CityName varchar(25), Countryid int(10), PRIMARY KEY(id), KEY id (id))";
$query[] = "INSERT INTO tblCountry VALUES( 1, 'Malaysia')";
$query[] = "INSERT INTO tblCountry VALUES( 2, 'USA')";
$query[] = "INSERT INTO tblCountry VALUES( 3, 'UK')";
$query[] = "INSERT INTO tblCity VALUES( 1, 'Kuala Lumpur',1)";
$query[] = "INSERT INTO tblCity VALUES( 2, 'Penang',1)";
$query[] = "INSERT INTO tblCity VALUES( 3, 'Kulim',1)";
$query[] = "INSERT INTO tblCity VALUES( 4, 'New York',2)";
$query[] = "INSERT INTO tblCity VALUES( 5, 'Chicago',2)";
$query[] = "INSERT INTO tblCity VALUES( 6, 'London',3)";
$query[] = "INSERT INTO tblCity VALUES( 7, 'Liverpool',3)";

while ($each_query = each($query))
	$result = mysql_query($each_query[1]);
	if (!$result)
	{print("<b>WARNING! We've encountered an error. Please check manually.  Error: ".mysql_error())."<p>";


//declare the form

echo "<FORM name=f1  action='$PHP_SELF' method=post>";

//read the database
$result = mysql_query("SELECT tblCountry.CountryName,tblCity.Countryid,tblCity.CityName,tblCity.id FROM tblCity,tblCountry WHERE tblCity.Countryid=tblCountry.id");

//write the table

echo "<CENTER><BR><B>Dynamic List Boxes Demo (in PHP)</B><BR>";
echo "<TABLE font style='font-family: verdana; font-size: 12; font-weight:700' border=1>";

// write the country's listbox...
echo "<TR><TD valign="center">Country</TD><TD><SELECT NAME="country" SIZE="10"  ONCHANGE="countryselected(this);" >n";

// write the entry code for the javascript...
// n is used to force a new line so the resultant code is more readable

$sJavaScript = "function countryselected(elem){n for (var i = document.f1.city.options.length; i >= 0; i--){ n document.f1.city.options[i] = null;n";

// loop through the database..

while ( $row = mysql_fetch_array($result) ) 
    // is this a new country?

    If ($sLastCountry!=$row["CountryName"]){ 
      // if yes, add the entry to the country's listbox

      $sLastCountry = $row["CountryName"];
      echo "n<OPTION VALUE='".$row["Countryid"]."'>".$sLastCountry."</OPTION>";
    // and add a new section to the javascript...

      $sJavaScript = $sJavaScript."}n"."if (elem.options[elem.selectedIndex].value==".$row["Countryid"]."){n";
    // and add a new city line to the javascript

    $sJavaScript = $sJavaScript."document.f1.city.options[document.f1.city.options.length] = new Option('".$row["CityName"]."','".$row["id"]."');n";


  // finish the country's listbox

  echo "</SELECT></TD>";

  // create the city listbox for no selection

  echo "n<TD valign="center">City</TD><TD><SELECT NAME="city" SIZE=10>";
  echo "<OPTION>[no city selected]</OPTION>";
  echo "</SELECT></TD></TR>";
  echo "<TR><TD><font style='font-size=10'></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD><INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT NAME='submitcity' VALUE='SUBMIT'></TD></TR>";

echo "</TABLE>";
 // finish the javascript and write out

  $sJavaScript = $sJavaScript."n}n}n";
  echo "n<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">"; 
  echo "n".$sJavaScript."n</SCRIPT>n";

//close the form

echo "</FORM></center>";

//code to test the submit button
//normally people would save the index in another table
//this example only display the indexes

if ("SUBMIT" == $submitcity) 

echo "<center>Your Selected Country index= ".$country."<BR>";  
echo "Your Selected City index= ".$city."<BR></center>";