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dir and subdir search and size

By Chris from wappyCULT
on June 29, 2006

Version: 1.00wappy

Type: Function

Category: File Management

License: Other

Description: A great bit of code i was given ages ago. I have added filesize though. To see a working example (if you got opera or some other WAP browser) see http://cult.toddywap.com

I used this with an input box on my site like...
search($target, $directory)...... It will search the directory and sub directorys. 
function search($target, $directory){

       $direc = opendir($directory);
       while(false !== ($file = readdir($direc))){

           if($file !="." && $file != ".."){

                   if(preg_match("/$target/i", $file)){

$size = round(filesize($directory."/".$file)/1024,1);                                           echo "<a href="$directory/$file">$file ($size KB)</a><br>";
               }else if(is_dir($directory."/".$file)){



   return ;