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Every PHP developer needs a good and reliable collection of code snippets. In this category, you will find 900+ copy and paste code snippets that will help in your next PHP project.

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If you put this script at the top of your pages you can deny the configured IP from viewing your pages It has an option to notify you by email

This code Pulls information from a Cookie that was set by ASP with multiple values The cookie name is Employee HireDate Security Username Enter LastName and FirstName are all variables

View online some statistics from your server. Only for Windows nt/2000/XP server running Apache or iss

ImageThumb is a small piece of software written in the PHP language that lets you create thumbnails on the fly for a given image whether it is local ore remote

Authorize net is one of the largest credit card processing gateways in business today While there are many steps involved in processing credit cards online merchant account ssl cert auth