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Active HTTP Sessions using SNMP

By Sheran Gunasekera
on April 1, 2001

Version: 0.1b

Type: Full Script

Category: HTTP

License: GNU General Public License

Description: This script will output the current active HTTP sessions on any web server by querying the respective SNMP OID. You need to have the php_snmp.dll extension enabled in your php.ini file and also have the ‘extensions’ directory set. Your server should also be running SNMP as a service.

# HTTP Session Identifier using SNMP
# 1st April 2001, Sheran A. Gunasekera
# PHP Version: php 4.0.4pl1
# Script Version: 0.1b
header("Pragma: no-cache"); 						# Make sure the HTML document is not cached at the Browser
header("Refresh: 30"); 							# Refresh the document every 30 seconds

<title>HTTP Sessions established on the <Hostname goes here> Server</title>
<h3>HTTP Sessions established as at 
$tm=strftime("%I:%M%p"); 						# Format the current time to H:M AM/PM
echo $tm;
?> </h3>

$a= snmpwalk("", "public", "."); # Get the Connections to Port 80 on the specified Host using SNMP into array $a
$b= array_unique($a); 							# Get all of the unique IP's from the array...
$c= array_keys($b); 							# ...also ensure that you get the correct array keys
for ($p=0; $p<count($c); $p++)
$sp=substr($b[$c[$p]],11,-1); 						# Place the IP Address in a string
$fin=gethostbyaddr($sp); 						# Get the host name of the IP Address (You can comment this out if you are on an Private LAN with no Internet Access)
echo "<tr><td>IP: ".$sp."</td><td>Hostname: ".$fin."</td></tr>"; 	# Output the results