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Zoop Framework 1.2 Released !!

By Steve Francia
on July 5, 2006

The Zoop Group is proud to announce the immediate release of Zoop Framework 1.2 for PHP.

This release represents 6 months of hard work and we are quite pleased with the result.

A few of the more notable changes in this release include:

* A new component, cache
* The upgrade of another component, forms2 (part of forms).
* guiControl is now a separate component from gui (make sure to update your includes.php).
* A new db_utils library (part of db).
* Zoop now supports fastCGI out of the box.
* Zoop lib, our PEAR dependencies packaged for you.
* A bunch of new guicontrols including a new captcha control.
* Better AJAX support.
* Native mysqli support.
* Preliminary support for php 5+ autoinclude.
* Bugfixes and speed increases.
* Major improvements to the phpDoc inline comments.

A new guide to using Zoop has been developed and can be found at From_A_to_Zoop (http://zoopframework.com/ss.4/6997/From_A_to_Zoop.html)

Please use and enjoy… Oh and drop us a line at http://zoopframework.com and let us know what you think.