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Zend’s New PHP IDE Built For Java

By Scott Clark
on December 6, 2006

In the modern IT infrastructure, multiple programming languages must co-exist with one another. Such is certainly the case with PHP and Java, with PHP being popular as a front-end Web technology and Java remaining popular in back-end infrastructure.

With new features in the latest version of PHP and the new Zend Studio version 5.5 IDE (define), Zend is claiming it is now easier than ever to integrate Java code into PHP development. The new Zend Studio release comes at a pivotal time for Zend and PHP, as PHP continues to make inroads in Linux and Windows circles.

Among the many new features in Zend Studio version 5.5, which is set for official release today, is an embedded Java code completion feature. The feature enables users to specify and include Java class folders that are necessary to complete Java code.

Zend is also pushing forward on efforts to build out a framework that will further challenge enterprise Java. The Zend Framework, which was first announced over a year ago, is an effort to build a PHP Web application development and deployment environment.

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