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WAP In Perspective Page 4

By Mark Williams
on December 4, 2000

WAP Problems
I continually read about the problems people have navigating WAP enabled sites. I have experienced similar problems myself. However, when I investigate further, I usually discover that the site has not been built for WAP. Instead, it is using a software filter to determine if it is sending data to a phone or web-browser.
[Image:] WAP Problems
Generally speaking, these filters are easy to set-up and get your existing site up and running, but nothing can replace handcrafting – especially where you are dealing with a protocol that is extremely sensitive about standards conformance. The fact that your Nokia 7110 displays a message saying “Unable to…” is not necessarily a failing of WAP, rather a failing of either the browser or the web site.
In my experience, sites, which are handcrafted for WAP, generally perform far better than those making use of filtering software.
Personal Conclusions
Right now, the many stories I read about the demise of WAP, talk about WAP from a consumers perspective. I guess, to a certain extent they are right; it is awkward and there are problems with web-sites. But from a business user and developers perspective, I fail to see anything but good come out of either the demise of WAP or the longevity of it!
Mark who?
[Image:] Mark A. Williams
Mark Williams, who currently lives in the UK, is currently the Senior Consultant to one of Europe’s top 10 Financial Services companies. He is well travelled work wise having worked as far afield as Sao Paolo in Brazil, not to mention all of Europe and somewhere else exotic too. Knows lots about Video Conferencing, Linux, Windows NT, PHP, Perl, Internet Technology and Formula 1 Motor Racing. Sites he has been involved in include HouseAbout.com, F1Circle.com and e-sphere.net although he is currently working on a further 5 sites for clients and has previously writen material for PHPBuilder.com.