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VS.Php the Php editor for Visual Studio .Net adds support for PhpDoc

By Juan Rivera
on April 12, 2005

Jcx.Software today announced the immediate availability of VS.Php version 1.1.1. This update adds support for PhpDoc commenting, secure ftp deployment capabilities and many bug fixes.

PhpDoc is a useful feature of Php that allows the developer to add comments to the source code that can be used to generate documentation. VS.Php uses this information to provide better content. For instance, VS.Php is able to parse those comments to determine what type a particular variable is. Intellisense uses this information to better help the developer. This update also adds support for secure ftp protocol for deploying applications through a secure connection.

Other improvements available on this release are:

– Improved integration with source code control. VS.Php works with SourceSafe, CVS, Subversion, ClearCase and any SCC-compliant software.
– Improved performance handling large projects. VS.Php can handle projects with thousands of files.
– Better support for user references. User references provide another way to increase productivity by enhancing the content provided by intellisense.
– Up to date list of Php built-in modules for intellisense.

VS.Php is a professional Php integrated development environment for Microsoft Visual Studio .Net. It enables Visual Studio .Net developers to design, develop, debug and deploy Php applications from inside Visual Studio .Net. VS.Php provides support for rich code editor, class browser, intellisense, project management, remote debugging and secure staging and deployment.

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