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VS.Php 2.5 integrates Zend Framework into Visual Studio

By Juan Rivera
on June 24, 2008

Jcx.Software this week announced the release of VS.Php 2.5 for Visual Studio 2008, a Php integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft Visual Studio. Like previous versions of VS.Php, it comes in three different editions:

* VS.Php 2.5 for Visual Studio 2008
* VS.Php 2.5 for Visual Studio 2005
* VS.Php 2.5 Standalone Edition, designed for customers that do not own Visual Studio.

VS.Php 2.5 includes the Zend Framework and integrates it with the Visual Studio IDE. The Zend Framework integration includes the following features:

* Zend Framework integration to the Php preview built-in engine.
* Intellisense support for Zend Framework classes, including support for class auto loaders.
* Zend Framework Model-View-Controller project wizard.

Also in this release there are a number of features designed to enhance the Php editing experience. PhpDoc comment support has been improved and comments can now be auto generated from the Php code to reduce the time needed to document code.

The new class auto loader for intellisense support allows VS.Php to find the files where classes are defined. The class auto loader also looks up any reference of classes in the code including static method calls and PhpDoc comments.

The new release comes with a number of new project types. A new project type is the command line project. This allows to develop CLI script applications and debug them locally using XDebug.

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