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VisualWade, A Different PHP Code Generator

By Antonio
on January 4, 2005

We present a new PHP code generator tool called VisualWade.

VisualWade generates small/medium PHP MVC projects that store data in a database such mySQL or ORACLE. You can also combinate your favorite templates and styles without modify the logic tier.

VisualWade generates a complete solution in a very small period of time and is ready to deploy on a web server. It generates all the PHP code and also the creates the tables file. It can also generate the interface tier as templates, in order to use your favorite authoring tool such DreamWeaver, FrontPage, etc…

VisualWade is 100% freeware and opened for pluggins and contribs. Documentation will be soon available, but we have provided a small tutorial and sample projects to begin working with it.

The web to download VisualWade visit http://www.visualwade.com