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version 0.1 PHP WDE Web Dev Env Application

By Michael Glazer
on January 4, 2002

The first alpha is released! Happy New Year!
I am proud to announce the first alpha release of Xpc.

ftp://ftp.dev.4arrow.com/zip/xpc/releases/distro/XPC_alpha_V_01.zip Download
directly or peruse the FTP Xpc
ftp://ftp.dev.4arrow.com/zip/xpc/releases/distro/ download server

In the past 8 months of focused development I have been the sole developer on
this grand project.
The goals of Xpc are quite simple: Create a WDE (Web Development Environment)
similar to Zope.org
The release license as of now is LGPL, meaning free for non-commercial use

This release introduces an automatic setup (absolutely no CHMODing or manual
file editing). Also a working management library that is getting closer to

Xpc is built for developers, programmers, designers. Those who want to easily
create and maintain a large number of web sites in a very maleable

Xpc is a PHPipe or PHPTunnel application, meaning every request is piped
through the same core libraries. This allows for a secure, abstracted, portable,
and highly reusable environment.
Enjoy! http://dev.4arrow.com

XPC is a PHP application development enviroment similar to Zope.

Xpc is a pipeline or tunnel application that can help you create dynamic web applications such as portal and intranet sites quickly.

Xpc comes with membership, search, news, and more. Its easy to use tools allow teams to productively and safely work together. Xpc provides top-notch access to databases and other legacy data. Xpc’s open support for web standards such as SMTP, POP, FTP, and XML-RPC allows you flexibility and interoperability.

Xpc consists of a number of components which work together to provide a complete yet flexible application server package. Xpc includes an XML-RPC server, a object oriented database schema, a search engine, database virtual file mapping system, a web page templating system, a through the web development and management tool, and comprehensive extension support.