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Using PHP to create Windows applications

By Peter Jukel
on November 30, 2001

**Make PHP and CGI websites into Windows Software**

Triplehash has released a new program for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP called Serlient that provides the facility to execute and install websites on Windows PC?s just as would be done with any other program.

Serlient is available in two editions – a Standard edition and a Professional edition. Serlient Standard provides the ability to customize a large number of aspects of the appearance of the web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer), and is geared toward the professional execution and distribution of static websites on end-user computers, for example for product catalogues. The Professional edition includes all features of the Standard edition, as well as the ability to execute CGI and PHP based websites, without the need to separately install a web server on the client?s computer.

This provides a new way to create powerful, easy-to-use, scaleable web applications and provides traditionally web developers with the facility of developing applications for the Windows platform with their existing web development skills.

A single-user copy for Serlient Standard costs $49, while a similar license for the Professional edition costs $125, both of which include an immediate download, CD and User?s Guide. All licenses come with royalty-free distribution rights. Educational and multi-user licensing is available.