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Using .NET Assembly (Interoperability with COM) Page 3

By Jayesh Jain
on November 5, 2002

Creating Strong Name Key file

Strong name is the full class name with namespace, version, public key and digital signature. All the assembly installed on the system has to be uniquely identified and versioned, also to make sure the assembly is not tampered it needs to be signed with a common key ( public key) to decrypt.
The Strong Name command-line tool (sn.exe) can be used to generate a new public-private key pair and to write that pair to a file which could be then used to create the assembly.
sn -k mykey.snk 
This utility could be found in the .NET Framework’s Bin folder C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio .NETFrameworkSDKBin (on my computer)
[Note] Alternatively, you could run a .NET Command Window by selecting Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Visual Studio .NET -> Visual Studio .NET Tools >- Visual Studio .NET Command Prompt, which sets all of the required paths for you. [End Note]
Here is the sample output you should be expecting.
sample output window
Copy this file mykey.snk to your project folder c:tgolphpclass (on my computer).