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Unixpac Releases Destrukht – The OO PHP Framework

By James Gregory
on May 7, 2002

Unixpac has released version 1.00 of Destrukht – The Object Oriented
Framework for Rapid PHP Development.

Destrukht is a library for PHP that offers a fast and simple approach to PHP
development that aleviates the developer of the headaches typically
associated with web development. By representing web page elements such as
tables and forms as abstract data structures in your PHP code, the developer
no longer needs to be concerned with workarounds for bugs on various browsers
and the troublesome peculiarities of string manipulation.

Destrukht offers a simple and direct approach to web development. No longer
will developers be required to think in several languages simoultaneously and
trace along pages of code looking for missing quotes, slashes or angle
brackets. Destrukht is an alternative to writing PHP that writes HTML and
thus saves on development resources by reducing the realm of the developer’s

Unlike other RAD web development systems, Destrukht helps the developer avoid
bugs rather than fixing them when they occur. Thinking in only one language
and manipulating page contents as simply as any PHP object means that the
focus of the programmer is limited in scope to implementing the functional
requirements of the page.

By deploying Destrukht on a web site you can also rest assured that your
pages will look consistent on any web browser and save on IP traffic from web
hits thanks to the clean, compact HTML that the Destrukht rendering engine
produces. For more information, see http://www.destrukht.org/