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TinyButStrong template engine v3.0 Released

By Skrol29
on May 23, 2006

TinyButStrong is a PHP Template Engine with 6 methods and 5 properties in one file. It doesn’t require any programing at the design level and is the only engine that allows the use of WYSIWYG templates. This means you can edit your templates using Dreamweaver, or any WYSIWYG editing tools. It can merge HTML, Text, XML…in fact any textual content.

What’s new in version 3.0?

The major change is the plug-ins feature. The following are provided with the standard distribution:
– Navigation Bar
– Cache System
– ByPage mode
– Merge On Fly
– Selecting HTML items (list, checkboxes, radio)

For more information, visit the TinyButStrong web site: