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Sysbotz Enterprise Platform, a DHTML Business Web App, v1 released

By Cory Rauch
on June 25, 2004

Sysbotz releases the Sysbotz Enterprise Platform, A new web based office, sales and inventory management solution

Sysbotz releases the Sysbotz Enterprise Platform, A new web based office, sales and inventory management solution. The Sysbotz Enterprise Platform is a next generation web based business tool based on DHTML and XML technology to blur the lines between web applications and traditional programs. It features a flexible open system that can be customized to fit business needs and designed with remote connectivity in mind. The Sysbotz Enterprise Platform comes programmed right out of the box to manage office, sales, and inventory. Plus it can be expanded by altering the bundled XML forms, XML reports, or modules. Or by using Sysbotz’s in-house programming services.


The Sysbotz Enterprise Platform includes complete customer and vendor functionality. It can manage inventory, invoices, quotes, purchases, RFQs, RMAs, and payments. Inventory serial numbers and other details can be tracked through the entire system, right from when they are received till the inventory item is shipped. Inventory item details are gathered at receiving and when the items are pulled, filling in key data of where the item came from, when, its cost, and where it was shipped. In addition, the Sysbotz Enterprise Platform can manage multiple office and inventory locations all right from your web browser. Plus it features a report engine and 19 reports pre-programmed to help you automate typical inventory and accounting chores.

The Sysbotz Enterprise is built on the Apache / MySQL / PHP (AMP) platform, and allows it to be accessed from any computer with a relatively new web browser (Windows, Unix, or Mac) and features the centralized nature of an Intranet application for easy maintenance and deployment.


Sysbotz Enterprise Platform requires a relatively new browser and requires that it support Javascript, CSS, and DOM. This include IE 5.5 or higher, Netscape 6 or higher, and Mozilla 1.0 or higher. On the server side, Sysbotz Enterprise Platform requires the following software components: Apache v1.3.xx/ v2.xx, MySQL v3.28 or higher, and PHP 4.1 and higher. It can run on Windows, *BSDs, Linux, and Mac OSX.


The Sysbotz Enterprise Platform software is available now via the www.sysbotz.com web-site where it can be purchased right online.

See our website at www.sysbotz.com for more information