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Sysbotz Enterprise PHP Business Platform Upgraded With Development Tools

By Cory Rauch
on January 31, 2005

Sysbotz has just released upgrades to Sysbotz Enterprise business software platform that enhance its development functionality. The new upgrades compliment the existing DHTML / XML based form engine with a built-in form editor tool which allows developers and advanced users to customize and create business forms and S.E. screens. Plus the form editor tool runs right in your web browser. In connection with the form editor, developers will have access to a rich-set of DHTML based widgets and database handling capabilities with out writing a line of code. Thus allowing rapid development of database applications. Developers can also load PHP modules and add custom behaviors to there business application. Sysbotz has also added a built-in database manager feature for editing and creating MySQL database tables/fields providing a single solution for creating database applications in PHP/MySQL.

The new upgrades from Sysbotz compliment Sysbotz Enterprise’s existing feature set including a built-in mysql report engine, Advanced Search Capabilities, and Fast DHTML User Interface. For example developers can generate reports right from data in a MySQL database using the report engine. The report then can be interfaced with the built-in form engine or printed out in PDF file format. Plus database applications developed in SE will automatically take advantage of its fast DHTML user interface providing a more responsive experience then when compare to a traditional web application.


Sysbotz Enterprise Platform requires a relatively new browser and requires that it support Javascript, CSS, and DOM. This include IE 5.5 or higher, Netscape 6 or higher, and Mozilla 1.0 or higher. On the server side, Sysbotz Enterprise Platform requires the following software components: Apache v1.3.xx/ v2.xx, MySQL v3.28 or higher, and PHP 4.1 and higher. It can run on Windows, *BSDs, Linux, and Mac OSX.


The Sysbotz Enterprise Platform software is available now via the http://www.sysbotz.com web-site where it can be purchased right online.