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Switching From VB to PHP

By Peter
on July 30, 2000

When you switched from pedaling a bicycle to driving a car, what was the
hardest thing to learn?
Changing programming languages is exactly the same. This article focuses
on the switch from Visual Basic to PHP. First we look at the bicycle to car
changeover then specific help for VB programmers starting out with PHP.
On my first time in a car, I fount it hard to remember to use the
indicator. There was no equivalent on my bicycle. Braking was even harder.
My bicycle had brake levers on the handlebar. In the car during an
emergency, I had a real urge to squeeze the steering wheel instead of
pushing my foot on the brake pedal. Conclusion: Learning something new is
hard, relearning something old is harder.
Changing language involves the same weird problems. I learned Assembler
then COBOL. I could easily switch between the two because they were so
different. I find Microsoft’s Visual Basic harder. There are at least 20
versions of VB. Some versions have sophisticated functions of immense value
but I never use them because I only remember things that work across all
versions of VB.
If changing cars were the same as changing versions of VB, some cars
would be missing brake pedals.