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Switchbox Page 3

By Vic Fryzel
on March 7, 2003

Using our SwitchBox is even easier as it only takes two lines of code to implement. Let’s look at the code of index.php, and then I will explain it.


// Set switch

$switch "index";

// Call SwitchBox

require './includes/SwitchBox.php';

/* Follow with index.php's code */


What’s happening is simple. We set our switch (used by the SwitchBox so that the SwitchBox knows what to do), and then we call the SwitchBox. Depending on what $switch was, our SwitchBox takes the appropriate actions. In this case, our SwitchBox included the files ‘fns_database.php’ and ‘fns_index.php’. After those two lines of code, the global variables in the SwitchBox, everything in fns_database.php, and everything in fns_index.php, are all available right on index.php. If you did not want to include any files for the page, you could simply leave the line:
$switch = “…”;
out of the page. Then only the global variables would be available in the application.
Easy right? Ok so let’s review…