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SQL Manager for PostgreSQL v. 3.8 released

By EMS Software Development
on January 25, 2007

EMS Database Management Solutions is pleased to announce a new version of PostgreSQL Manager.

What’s new in PostgreSQL Manager 3.8?

– SQL Script..
Ability to execute selected statements and statement under cursor added.
Ability to execute the statements like COPY FROM STDIN.
The notices returned by server when executing statements are now displayed at the message list.
The scheme set via the SET search_path operator is now taken in consideration when forming the object name to be displayed at the Explorer.
Error list was not cleared when loading a file.
-Grant Manager. The ability to set the grants with grant option added.
-Extract Database
Now its possible to extract data as a set of COPY statements.
Comparing with the previous version of the tool, extract process now takes less time.
The Dollar-quoted function body option is now applied to the function definitions created by Extract Database wizard.
-SSH Tunneling.

Support of authentication by key.
The ability to establish connection for several hosts/databases at the same time is added.
-Function Debugger.

Dollar-quoted strings support implemented.
SELECT INTO statements are now supported.
Variables list: affected rows and result oid added.
Fixed the bug with incorrect work of a function containing variables like table_name.column_name%TYPE
When executing the Continue operator the syntax error used to occur. Fixed now.
The RAISE NOTICE command terminated function execution. Fixed now.
-Data Grid.

Filter applied for date type fields worked incorrectly if a date format type other then MDY was used in system settings. Fixed now.
On attempt to apply any filter with the SQL filter and Select only * records limitation used the data were displayed incorrectly. Fixed now.
Mouse-wheel scrolling for the Form View is implemented.
– Dependency Tree.

With the Show subobjects option enabled the dependencies were displayed not quite correctly. Fixed now.
Objects icons were not printed.
-Server Configuration, Parameter List tab. The Parameter Group column added which allows to display the parameters in groups.
-Visual Options. The ‘Menus show recently used commands first’ option added.
Editor Options. The ability to set default colors added.
-Environment Options, DB Explorer tab. The ‘Refresh object on showing in SQL Assistant’ option is added.
-DB Explorer. A newly-created object was not listed in the Recent Objects drop-down menu.
-Data Import. When importing from DBF format the default values for the boolean type were False and True (instead of required F and T), so it was necessary to change them for proper ones while processing the data. Fixed now.
-Environment Options, Windows tab. The Number of open editors is restricted option didnt work. Fixed now.
-Environment Options, Preferences. The Save desktop on disconnect option didnt apply to rules, indices, triggers and reports.
-Log Viewer. On attempt to open a local PostgreSQL server log the IO error 32 error raised and the current log did not open. Fixed now.
-Other small improvements and bugfixes.
We hope you’ll enjoy working with our products!

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