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SourceGuardian 6.0 PHP Encoder Released

By Tatiana
on June 5, 2006

SourceGuardian recently announced version 6.0 of their PHP Encoding and encryption software. This new release adds more features for developers wishing to protect their code and increases the protection mechanisms within the software.

The predominant theme of this upgrade is to make it faster for developers to create and distribute their commercial work. In addition to the licensing engine, there have been core improvements to the speed of the encoder as well as added layers of protection within the encryption of users files. Complimenting the encryption, improvements have also been made to the obfuscation engine as well as a variety of user-led improvements to the graphical user interface.

SourceGuardian 6.0 also features improvements to its licensing engine, which is bundled for free as part of the package. This protects the intellectual property within PHP scripts without the need to re-encode scripts for each customer. The licensing engine can create trial versions of applications, can be locked to a specific IP, Mac address or domain name and provides an automatic method of generating license keys that can be used seamlessly with existing software distribution systems.

Priced at $250, the SourceGuardian 6.0 PHP Encoder is available to download now. Also available from the site is a fully-featured trial version.

To access more information about SourceGuardian simply log onto http://www.sourceguardian.com.