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Smarty template engine 1.3.0

By Monte Ohrt
on March 14, 2001


    Smarty is a template engine for PHP. One of the unique aspects about
    Smarty that sets it apart from other templating solutions is that it
    converts the templates into native php scripts upon the first
    execution. After that, it just executes the compiled PHP scripts.
    Therefore, there is no costly template file parsing for each request.

Home Page:


    - moved license from GPL to LGPL (Monte)
    - implemented workaround for PHP "feature" that eats carriage returns
      if the PHP tag is at the end of the line. (Andrei)
    - removed $allow_php, added $php_handling logic (Monte)
    - added file locking to prevent reader/writer problem. (Andrei)
    - made Smarty catch unimplemented modifiers and custom functions and output
      error messages during compilation instead of failing during run time.
    - removed short-tags at the top of the smarty scripts (Monte)
    - added register_function() and register_modifier() API calls to make
      registering stuff easier. (Andrei)
    - added template results caching capability. (Monte, Andrei)
    - added optional 'options' attribute to html_options custom function
      that allows passing associative arrays for values/output. (Andrei)
    - modifier arguments can now contain '|' and ':' characters inside quoted
      strings. (Andrei)