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SIMIAN systems Unleashes new Website Management Tool called Multi-Site

By sitellite
on June 18, 2004

SIMIAN systems Inc. Unleashes new Website Management Tool called Sitellite Multi-Site

Canadian software company SIMIAN systems Inc. releases Sitellite Multi-Site which allows users to spawn unlimited numbers of individual Sitellite CMS web sites all controlled through one control panel.

WINNIPEG, MB, June 10, 2004 Makers of the popular Sitellite Content Management System (CMS) and PHP based Framework, have released a website generator and management tool. This website generator called Multi-Site allows users to create and control new CMS driven websites without having to install a database, users, the software, or any other add-on. Everything is controlled automatically through the Multi-Site control panel interface. Users of Multi-Site can have unlimited CMS installs with unlimited user accounts per installation.

Multi-Site is one of a kind, claims President and Chief Developer John Lux Luxford. Written in C, the application allows you generate new CMS controlled websites in seconds. This is great because you can also save on server space by centralizing your code installation each new website has its own data and templates. You can also duplicate websites by clicking the Duplicate button this makes it even easier to copy a development site over to go live when it is ready to be published to the Net.

SIMIAN systems also has a number of other web applications including a Web site traffic analysis and reporting utility, a Web-based email marketing utility, a powerful web site search application which will search Word docs, PDF files and more, an alphabetical and categorical database listing tool for any kind of product, our flexible web forum add-on that provides multi-topic forum capabilities to any Sitellite-powered web site, an automated knowledge base and glossary management tool, and finally an FAQ database, sorting, and management tool.

The Sitellite Content Management System, and its creator Simian Systems, have been around since the turn of this century. Simian maintains an open-source CMS project of the same name as their main product: http://sitellite.org. The young company is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.