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qstudio, a new IDE for PHP RAD development

By qadram software
on September 6, 2006

qstudio was announced this week. It’s a new IDE for PHP which adds visual RAD features to PHP development.

Use the PHP-oriented source code editor to write, debug, and execute PHP code. qstudio is an integrated Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for writing visual web applications in PHP.

qstudio relies on a PHP 5 class library called the Web Class Library (WCL) that is integrated into the IDE. The members of the WCL appear in the Component Palette. From there, you can place these components into forms and use them in your applications. These components have built-in properties, methods, and events.

The product has not been released yet, but you can find more information on the website (http://www.qadram.com/products.php), including screenshots and screencasts.

The tool will be freeware and the PHP library will be LGPL.