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PiGiaMa web content management system

By Gianpaolo Scalone
on May 20, 2003

PiGiaMa (www.pgmtech.it/eng) is a web content management system based on php, mysql, xml, xsl.

Pi.Gia.Ma has been developed to allow users to generate and manage in total
autonomy web sites and their
contents, structure, layout…

Pi.gia.ma is the tool to:
* Build web sites Internet, Intranet and Extranet ;
* manage layout and contenut (Web Content Management);
* publish different version of web whenever you want (Self Publishing).

Pi.Gia.Ma’s interface is fully web based. This feature is a simplicity warranty
because almost everyone has familiarity with a web browser.

Pi.Gia.Ma’s sites may be grouped, so that a customer with a complex structure
can represent content and sites dependencies.
Using the customer feature a society’s group can use a single system
to manage all the group content, offering at the same time
the possibility to manage the system to the single company authorized persons.
This feature at the same time is well fitted for web agencies, ISP and for those
offering the serivce as an ASP.

Pi.Gia.Ma is managed by administrators grouped is user groups.
Administrators can manage multiple sites with an administration level from the
simple content writing( without publishing capabilities)
to the power of publishing sites and define their structure.

It’s possible to define an extranet, to define external user’s classes and
to publish pages or simple objects
that will’be visible only to some user classes, to define customized objects
and forms, to link a style to an object(system, customer or object)
to publish a site’s template and more…

It’s possible to insert into a site system objects, customer objects and forms;
system objects are navigation menu(root, full, path, site map), search engines,
search replies, login and logout boxes…
customer objects are objects whose structure is defined by an administrator
forms are designed by an administrator

each of these objects is associated to an xsl style user designed.

The rapresentation of an object is the result of the combination of structure,
content and style.
Structure, content and style are reusable in function of vsibility and a single
content may have different representations in function of style.

The administration interface is fully web based and is based on the “what
you see is what you get” paradigm.

for a system trial please send an email to [email protected]