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PHPortal version 0.1.9 released!

By Michael Glazer
on May 23, 2002

Hello Everybody

This release was a long time a coming.

Due to world events I have been quite and reasonably so distracted.

I am pleased to announce PHPortal version 0.1.9


Sourceforge project:

Developer’s live/demo site


Minor Bug Fixes, Minor Enhancements

tplmap – map templates and sql queries
makeform – create a SQl form with a template and a SQL table
formhandler – processes a makeform expression object form to either add a new
SQL row or edit an existing SQL row.

The site configurations have added errorReporting integer (PHP error number),
log boolean (on|off), cache boolean (on|off).

A new method added to the log core library to allow for a simple XML file
to store total pageviews per PHPortal domain and total for all domains.


+ Security Management Completion
+ Members Application (member specific available apps…)
+ HackCheck Expression
+ Span Exrpression
+ Graph Expression
+ Sessions Expression
+ XML database abstraction layer