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phpfreelancer.org opens its doors to the PHP community

By Andrew Williamson
on October 18, 2005

We are very pleased to announce the opening of phpfreelancer.org.

The site is mainly aimed at freelancers and webmasters working together to get work done. The webmasters post a project that they require help with and freelancers are invited to bid on the work. At the end of the day money is not everything as the webmaster has final say in who will work on his/her project.

We know there are many freelance sites out there and really do not see any harm in adding another – besides, we thought the domain name was great! Our commitment, however, is to PHP and all things that fall under the PHP heading – including working with portals, ecommerce sites, mail, ftp and datbase applications.

Our main focus is to build a community of PHP lovers that will work together to build stronger, more robust and secure applications.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is no sales pitch as phpfreelancer.org does not charge any fees (even after completed projects) – like we said, the focus should be on building the community.