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PHPEdit Project publish RC1 for 0.8 branch

By Sebastien Hordeaux
on October 18, 2003

After more than 2 years of development, along with the help of our great Quality Assurance
team (QA) and all users subscribed to our mailing lists, PHPEdit is entering release candidate stage for his 0.8
development branch; we need you complete validation, our QA team has validated it as the most stable release ever published until now. This development branch is currently freezed this means that no new features nor enhancement will be done until stable release will be out. So please only report bugs related to this version.

PHPEdit is actually based on a free distribution scheme; this means that we need
each user that like the IDE and find it useful to help the project by donate some money
from himself without requiring some commercial forces or license to force him to do so.
Keeping users free is really important to us, but it is also important to us to be able
to work decently on the IDE and related tools. If you want to keep the actual IDE
distribution model, it’s the moment to express yourself by giving some money to the
project without enough donations we will be obliged to think about other more usual distribution models.

Read the whole announcement: http://www.phpedit.net/news/2003-10-06-PHPEdit0.8RC.php