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PHP Encoder – Encode your PHP Scripts!

By Varun Shoor
on June 20, 2002

Troubled about piracy? Or are you just worried about people stealing your code? Dont be, PHP Encoder is what you need.

Backed by the top notch performance and design of the PHP Accelerator, one of the best rated PHP Accelerators in the market and used by market leaders such as Yahoo!, PHP Encoder is poised to change the way you distribute your PHP Scripts.

Instead of spending more than two grand on encoding software, you can use PHP Encoder to encode your scripts via the web for less than $10! It’s as easy as it can get, and you simply purchase a certain amount of credits in advance and use them to encode your PHP Scripts. Encoding has never been so easy, effective and efficient.

PHP Encoder will allow you to protect your code from prying eyes by obfuscating with a proprietary binary format, not source code, and will reduce piracy, protect copyright infringement and create seamless solutions that help you service your customers better.

Amazingly, PHP Encoder files can actually be faster and more efficient than regular unencoded scripts as PHP Encoder performs various optimizations and transformations during the encoding process, and with a seamless integration with PHP Accelerator for the ultimate in performance, deploying efficient and effective PHP Solutions whilst preserving your intellectual property has never been so easy!