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PHP Development Still the Easiest Way for a Developer to Make Money

By Scott Clark
on September 21, 2009

As usual, we present the recent changes in labor demand in the world of webmasters, developers and web-designers from the huge marketplace that is the Internet. And from the Internet, there is no other place bigger than Elance when it comes to online labor markets. This months report comes to present a worldwide need of PHP developers and other programming or technical-related skills.

After being knocked off the number one position in August by Graphic Design jobs, in the September report of the Elance Work Index, PHP skills have regained the number one spot yet again.

Also new in this months top 100 list is the introduction of new categories for C-like programming development skills. These programming languages have managed to rank pretty well in September with C at number 64, C++ at 67 and C# skill at the 88th position.

This months biggest loser was Email Handling skills, which fell 44 places to the 93rd position, while the need for Custom Illustrations have ranked these jobs on the 49th position, 34 places better than last month.

For the full story, read the report at http://zikkir.com/it/10951?wscr=1366×768