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NuSphere Corporation announces the release of PhpED IDE v3.3 for Windows!

By Natalie
on February 12, 2004

NuSphere Corporation today announced the availability of PhpED IDE v3.3. This latest edition of the award-winning PHP development environment outlines a clear path for the future of PHP, enabling developers to use their existing skills to create object-oriented applications in PHP.

PhpED v3.3 delivers unparalleled PHP debugging and profiling capabilities and a new NuSOAP web services Wizard into the industry’s leading IDE for PHP. The enhanced Project Manager makes publishing sites and applications even easier than ever before. You can test and debug live running or development sites with session-level debugging. Moreover, native support for the PostgreSQL and MySQL databases provides a comprehensive environment for using open source databases with PHP.

New features of PhpED IDE include:
– Enhanced integration. Integrate PhpED IDE with 3rd party tools like PHP encoders, formatters or HTML validators.
– New embedded tools for more effective coding, editing and code management. PhpED IDE include a number of pre-configured tools like PHP documentor, HTML Tidy and CVS client.
– Unmatched customization. Enrich the IDE with new commands and correct the predefined ones.
– Secure deployment. Support for FTPS (TLS/SSL) and WebDAV/HTTPS (SSL) protocols make deployment and data transfer secure now.
– Advanced code-completion. Now PhpED supports object-oriented coding for PHP, as well as HTML or CSS code.
– Project-wide code analyzer in PhpED IDE shows all php classes, methods, properties, functions and variables in every detail.
– Advanced PHP profiler. PhpED profiler shows executing time for each line, function or module of the code with tenth millisecond’s precision. You can locate all the bottlenecks quickly and efficiently. Profiler saves all the timings among multiple sessions so your can compare them and evaluate your improvements.
– Support for international character sets, including UTF-8. PhpED IDE can be used to create web sites in different encodings.

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