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New Spring-Summer Extensions from InterAKT

By Cristian Dorobantescu
on June 18, 2004

We know that you love the irresistible numbers of maintenance releases we do and you appreciate the stress our product managers and technical leaders are getting thru for each of them - but we can't help releasing new products.

We keep the pace in launching new products as well, because we know there are a lot of needs we don't satisfy yet:
* MX Widgets 2.8.0 for ASP VBScript * MX Includes 1.0.2 PHP and ColdFusion * MX Kart Demo 1.0.1

MX Widgets 2.8.0 for ASP VBScript

As our next major goal is to gradually add ASP VBScript support to MX Kollection 2.0 (QuB and MX Looper are already here) we have finally ported MX Widgets and released this 2.8.0 ASP VBScript version.

One of the major difficulties with this server model was overcoming the lack of an "output buffer" of the ASP with VBScript server model. We had to completely change the previous design from PHP and ColdFusion which were heavily based on this feature. The server side work needed by widgets is performed by "injecting" all the code inside our custom attribute, named "widget", leaving the appearance of the original form object intact.

In addition to these we have fixed some more bugs that were reported since the last 2.7.3 release:
* Remove Server.HTMLEncode from the DynamicSearch built in ASP; * Fixed regexps in INPUT widgets to support XHTML format; * Add decodeDynamicExpression to values in Dreamweaver; * Fixed bugs in JavaScript for the Smart Date control.

For more information please visit the MX Widgets homepage - http://www.interakt.ro/products/MXWidgets/

MX Includes 1.0.2 for PHP and ColdFusion

We are proud to present to you the newest member to our family MX Includes 1.0.2. MX Includes started, triggered by the need we felt to reuse code during the development of our MX Templates suite of products. It was released as a complimentary extension with MX Shop in December 2003 and started to grow the standalone version since then.

The official presentations says that MX Includes is a Dreamweaver MX extension containing server behaviors allowing to statically or dynamically include files in other PHP/CFM files. Unlike standard Server Side Includes that are not very compatible with Dreamweaver MX, our product offers a fully functional implementation of Dreamweaver MX compatible Server Side Includes (SSI), that will overcome many limitation, allowing you to efficiently reuse code and to visually modify the included files.

But it would be more useful for you to know that its main use for you are:
* No More Broken Design View in Dreamweaver MX; * You can use Server Behaviors in the included Files; * Enabling the Require of Multi Level Files; * Linking Files Using Relative Paths; * <html> and <body> tags are stripped from the included files; * A New Revolutionary Way of Doing Code-Reuse; * Instantly visualize the changes made in a included File in Dreamweaver; * Tight integration with Dreamweaver MX and MX 2004; * Supports all PHP server models and partially ColdFusion.

For more information please visit the MX Includes homepage or instantly buy this great product - http://www.interakt.ro/products/MXIncludes/

MX Kart downloadable demo

MX Kart Demo is a stripped version of MX Kart, with very limited functionality, containing only the insert into cart transaction, a couple of triggers, the kart configurator etc.

The reason we launched this was to give you a direct look-and-feel to this powerful shopping carts generator. This extension contains a collection (though most of them are inactive) of Server Behaviors (Add to Kart, Discounts, Taxes, Shipping etc), Commands (Create Kart View and Add to Kart by Form) and one Advanced Recordset (the Kart recordset).

Download this now or visit the MX Kart homepage and buy the full version - http://www.interakt.ro/products/MXKart/