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New Plugins Developed By Spiral Web Consulting

By Jesse Altman
on August 28, 2009

Spiral Web Consulting would like to announce the newest launch of some of their favorite plugins.

Podcasting w/ WordPress 2.02 was recently released. Podcasting brings complete podcasting support to WordPress. Podcasting will take a file from somewhere on the web (either your site or another site) and it will add it to an iTunes-based feed. Podcasting also includes a player allowing visitors to your site to view the file on the web.

Google Analyticator 3.01 was recently released. Google Analyticator easily adds Google Analytics tracking support to a WordPress-powered blog. It supports all of the tracking mechanisms that Google Anayltics supports such as external link tracking, download tracking, tracking without counting administrative users, and any other advanced tracking the user wishes to add. Google Analyticator works with a majority of themes as long as these themes provide the proper plugin hooks.

SVN Tweet 1.0, a newly created plugin, was also released. SVN Tweet is a newly developed Beanstalk to Twitter Web API. This script is developed specifically for using the Beanstalk Web Hooks integration technique. This script will take the information given by Beanstalk from every commit message, strip unnecessary characters, and then pass the correct message to Twitter. This will eliminate extra characters that may be submitted to Twitter by Beanstalk using their normal Twitter integration. This will also allow more of the actual commit message to be displayed because of Twitter’s 140-character limit.

These plugins have recently undergone a massive restructure and are now better than ever. Take some time to upgrade to the newest versions today! you can find them <a href=”here” target=”_blank” target=”_new”>http://plugins.spiralwebconsulting.com/”>here</a>