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new PHP5 RC3 is out : test it on windows with WAMP5

By Romain Bourdon
on July 27, 2004

New PHP5 RC3 has been released June 08 2004. It should be the last RC version before the final PHP5.

WAMP5 now includes this new version :
http://www.wampserver.com (french)
http://www.en.wampserver.com (english)

Wamp5 0.6 comes with bug fixes in apache’s conf and files for MySQL support have been included in WAMP5 LIGHT.

WAMP5 automatically installs apache, PHP5, MySQL… on your system. Its aim is to allow you to discover PHP5 and its new features. WAMP5 comes in 2 releases :

LIGHT : apache1.3.29-php5-sqlitemanager FULL : apache1.3.29-php5-sqlitemanager-MySQL 4.0.18-PHPMYADMIN