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New Apache Module

By Tara Rinke
on October 30, 2002

Develop and Host Distributed Applications on Your Apache Server with iConductor

iConductor is a new Apache server module that allows you to develop and host distributed applications on your Apache server. Through its unique Variable Management System and extensible tags, iConductor provides the robust power required for todays electronic business systems.

Whether you need to create complex sales and accounting systems, or to simply access external data, the iConductor server module makes it possible for you to utilize your Apache server to leverage the power of existing information assets without a large capital investment in equipment, software, or personnel.

iConductor orchestrates communication and interaction among applications and data residing on servers in different geographic areas. With iConductor, you can utilize scripts residing remotely in such diverse programming languages as PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, CGI, or various database programs – and make them all function together in the same distributed application.

iConductor manages the flow of information, applications, or data among multiple connected servers – regardless of platform or operating system. By providing robust features such as extensibility, data integration, variable management, display management, and transaction management, iConductor makes any Apache server a potent platform for application development and hosting.

iConductor is designed to develop and host distributed applications, bringing the Apache server into a more competitive stance in the world of Internet business applications hosting.

Using a system of extensible tags and a robust ontology a hierarchical structuring of knowledge using subcategories or essential definitions to help systems to communicate iConductor manipulates the activities of other software components in much the same way a conductor controls the activities of the members of an orchestra. The conductor of an orchestra may not know how to play the saxophone, offered James Vincent, president of Farpointer Technologies, the company that developed iConductor, but the conductor knows how and when to activate the saxophone player according to a predetermined score. iConductor acts in much the same way, reaching out to other programs and systems in order to achieve a predetermined goal.

Competitive systems can cost $600,000 or more, according to Vincent. However, iConductor is currently available on a promotional basis for $1,295 including a powerful core set of tags.

A free trial version of iConductor and an online demonstration are available at http://www.i-conductor.com.

Farpointer Technologies, Inc. is an innovative provider of eBusiness enabling software and services. Farpointers products and services simplify the integration and automation of eBusiness processes, helping companies bring end-to-end functionality to their Internet initiatives in the shortest possible time frame and at a cost far below that of competing solutions. A privately held company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Farpointer has offices in Tulsa and Dallas. For additional information or to consult with a Farpointer representative, call 877-676-3249, extension 30, or visit http://www.farpointer.net.