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Navicat (MySQL Admin Client for Linux) is released.

By Ken Lin
on March 26, 2004

Navicat (MySQL Admin Client for Linux)is released.

With dedicated development effort, Navicat is now being regarded as the most powerful and easy-to-use MySQL admin tool for commercial, educational and government agencies worldwide.

Navicat (Linux)’s features include:

1.) Support Multiple Connections for local or remote MySQL servers
2.) Browse your databases
3.) Create and delete databases, tables, indexes and users
4.) Modify your data
5.) Create or Run SQL queries
6.) Manage user privileges [security configuration]
7.) Dump your database and table structure
8.) Data Transfer – Support transfer databases from one MySQL server to another MySQL server (1. Local to Remote , 2. Remote to Remote, 3. Remote to Local)

Free Trial version download URL:

This month, you will be offered special discount i.e. USD $55 only.

There are Windows and Mac OS X version. Free trial verions are both available.

Official URL : http://www.navicat.com or http://mac.navicat.com