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MySQL manual in HTML Help (.chm) – complete conve

By Petr Havlicek
on March 7, 2003


Everyone who likes MS HTML Help (.chm extension) can now obtain complete
conversion of MySQL manual into this format. This conversion tries to bring
additional functionality and make using of MySQL manual more comfortable.

Main features:

* Tree-like table of contents – expand/collapse individual branches by
clicking on plus/minus sign

* Keywords list – all important keywords in one place

* Detailed full-text search – get all chapters including searched expression
very fast

* Favorites – store your most used topics in a list, easily accessible

* One page per chapter

* Toolbar in the top of each page
It provides:
– links to all chapters to which the actual one refers
– full-text search on one page
– links to child chapters
– links to parent chapters
– link to an online version of the actual chapter on

* bolded SQL commands syntax and colored examples

You can make your own conversion by using Html2hhp utility and HTML Help
Workshop or download already converted manual.

http://phlab.net/html2hhp/ – Html2hhp utility
http://phlab.net/myman/ – converted manual

Best regards,

Petr Havlicek
Web: http://phlab.net
ICQ: 95168920