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MySQL Maestro 7.2 released. Now with graphical database designer!

By Nikolay Kuznetsov
on March 2, 2007

SQL Maestro Group announced the release of MySQL Maestro 7.2.

1. The main feature of the new version is the Graphical Database Designer – a case tool for managing your database in a few mouse clicks. This piece of our software is intended for creation of physical Entity Relationship Diagrams that represent objects in your MySQL databases. Each diagram displays the tables of your database and the relationships between them.

– Handy tools of Designer allow you to create new and edit existing tables and references.
– The reverse engineering feature will help you to understand the schema structure and make its modification in an easy and clear way.
– Now you can quickly and easily print your database structure with a lot of options including header and footer, paper size and orientation, etc.
– A rich set of options and settings give you a way to see your database in your own look and feel style.

A diagram of your database can help you define operational aspects of your application logic that you might otherwise overlook. Also, a well-defined data diagram that accurately represents your tasks can be helpful in orienting employees to goals and operations.

2. MySQL Maestro has been successfully tested with the latest MySQL versions up to 5.0.27, 5.1.15 beta and 5.2 alpha.

3. Support of the Falcon storage engine from MySQL 5.2 is implemented.

The new version is available at