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Menu Array

By alberto
on March 19, 2006

Version: 1.5

Type: Sample Code (HOWTO)

Category: Other

License: GNU General Public License

Description: Create a menu based on an array.

* This code snippet is copyrighted to ThinkGFX.com
* Use this array to store all the links on the menu
* on your website.
* On the array, the data on the left is the name of
* the link. The one on the right is the link.
* Just edit it, remove or add more links. You don't
* need to edit anything else, unless you want to
* improve it.
* I hope you enjoy using this array and you like it.
* Please leave copyright intact.

// Here is the array with all the data:
$menu = array(
                 "Home"       => "index.php",
                 "Products"   => "products.php",
                 "Services"   => "services.php",
                 "Support"    => "support.php",
                 "About Us"   => "about_us.php",
                 "Contact Us" => "contact_us.php",

// Below will generate the menu based on the array.
echo "<h3>Menu</h3><br>";
foreach($menu as $name => $link) {
echo "<a href='$link'>$name</a><br>";

// End.