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McNealy zings iPhone, laments the PC, claims Sun started open source

By Scott Clark
on October 12, 2009

The media is going to miss Scott McNealy as the head of Sun Microsystems. The guy has always been a reliable source of great quotes about the state of the tech industry and zingers against Suns competition. In what was very likely his last big speech as the leader of Sun Microsystems on Sunday night, McNealy gave the audience at Oracle OpenWorld several more McNealy-esque quips on his take of the tech world and Suns role in it.

McNealy came on stage in a red sweater and joked that it was the only red sweater he could find in his closet, but that it wasnt perfect. Its more like Oracle maroon, he cracked.

The most shocking remark that McNealy made in his 45-minute presentation was that Sun was the pioneer of open source software. He put open source software as number three on his list of Suns top 10 tech innovations of all time. Before he made the claim, he admitted, Ill sound a little like Al Gore here. Then McNealy said he thinks the assertion can easily be backed up. He pointed to the open source origins of BSD and the fact that BSD + UNIX System 5 = Solaris.

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