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Maguma and the eBay Development kit for PHP

By alexander
on July 19, 2005

Maguma, with its new partner Carsten Harnisch, have together presented Maguma’s modular IDP (Integrated Development Platform), Maguma Workbench and the eBay Accelerator Toolkit. The eBay Accelerator Toolkit is a resource kit that implements the InTradeSys “eBay Development kit for PHP.”

This Resource kit will make it easier for eBay developers to access and work with information from the compact and innovative eBay API. While the presentation focused on the power of the eBay Development Kit for PHP, attendees were given the opportunity to witness Workbench’s modular expansion capabilities through the PHP-AT.

The eBay developers conference was a chance for developers to take part in Workshops such as Maguma’s, listen to upcoming trends and technologies surrounding eBay and its partners, visit with individual companies that were taking part in the event and come together with other developers and discuss the potential growth and possiblities of eBay’s development.

The eBay Accelerator Toolkit for PHP (PHP-AT) allows the integration of data available on eBay via a set of custom PHP classes. The PHP-AT is written completely in PHP and only requires PHP version 4.3.x or higher compiled with the cURL and OpenSSL modules. Future versions of the eBay PHP-AT will also be supported with Maguma Workbench in this manner. The PHP-AT will be developed perpetually and in dong will be adapted to newer versions of the eBay API.

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