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Language Switch

By D Smith
on May 7, 2002

Here is a quick and easy way to provide one to one page correspondece for an english/french, english/spanish, etc

bilingual site. This little code sample is dependent on the directory stucture of the site being all in one

language. All you have to do is create a page called language_switch.php and then in your navigation include

file just link to this page

(e.g. <a href="/includes/language_switch.php).

The scipt on the page language_switch.php will take care of the rest.

Here is the code that will be in the language_switch file


	$completeNewURL = "";
	$referer = "$HTTP_REFERER ";
	$brokenDownReferer = "";
	if (stristr($referer, "/en/")){
		$brokenDownReferer = str_replace("/en/", "/fr/", $referer);
		$brokenDownReferer = str_replace("/fr/", "/en/", $referer);
	//These two lines of code will redirect the user to the corresponding 
	//french/english version of the page they were just on.
	header ("Location: $brokenDownReferer");