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Komplete Lite 2.5.5 Final Version Released

By Cristian Dorobantescu
on July 16, 2004

InterAKT has released the Komplete Lite 2.5.5 final version. This release includes compatibility corrections which will allow Komplete Lite to run on the most recent PHP versions.

The 2.5.5 version also includes a series of corrections which will improve the application speed and usability. Minor bug corrections were also made.

Compatibility updates: * Komplete Lite now works with "register_globals = off; * Fixed libxml compatibility issues; * Improved back-end menu; * Corrected the libxsl/libxml cascade transformation problem (dump and reload tree for pxp/xsl transformation); * Web application dispatcher corrections.

Speed improvements: * Migrated to native MySQL functions, instead of ADODB; * Code clean-up and internal optimizations; * Cleaned up sitemap.xml.

Bug corrections: * Fixed "Preview" button in admin pages; * Removed deprecated psql:dateformat and psql:timestamp tags; * Fixed user access restriction to back-end section; * Corrections on nuggets positioning buttons; * KTML3 Lite upload images update: better handling of server permissions; * Fixed external link in subcategories list.

Compatibility issues: * Komplete Lite can be installed on Linux, Windows and Unix; * Compatible with PHP 4.3.2 - 4.3.7 versions; * Works on Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla 1.4+ browsers; * Based on MySQL database server.

Find out detailed information about Komplete Lite and its features at http://cms.interaktonline.com/products/KompleteLite/ You may also check out the commercial version at http://cms.interaktonline.com/products/Komplete/